2017 Graduation Parties

Congratulations and thank you for considering Embers Mobile Wood Fired Pizza & Catering for your upcoming graduation celebration. In order to assist you in planning for guest numbers, we have developed a simplified planning package which will hopefully assist you in determining the necessary pizza and accompanying food requirements for your event.

Our artisan 13 inch pizzas are handmade and cooked in a mobile wood fired oven in under 2 minutes and served buffet style to your guests. We utilize hardwoods as our heat source to obtain the 900 degree cooking temperatures necessary for true Neapolitan Pizza and local fresh ingredients when available for the finest flavors. For planning, consider ½ to ¾ of a pie, 1 pretzel, or 2-4 S’more’s per person when determining quantities. As various appetizer and salads quantities vary according to guest numbers, we can assist you in determining those needs.

In order to satisfy as many parties as possible, two time frame options for serving are available. The mid-day reservation begins serving at 11:30am and early evening beginning at 5pm. Depending on the party size and special requests, serving times vary from one and a half and up to three hours per event.

There is a 300$ date hold payment to confirm your graduation party serving time period with 50% of the balance due 30 days before your event, and the balance due the day of. If a cancellation occurs within 30 days of your event, reimbursements will be made only if we are able to reschedule another party for that time frame.

After reviewing the graduation package we have created, please do not hesitate to contact us to reserve your date or with any questions we may be able to help to simply your planning process.

Molte grazi,

Jill and Steven Pine

Graduation Planning Packages

Planning packages are designed to offer the greatest flexibility in planning your guest attendance. We understand that graduation parties are dynamic and flow throughout the day. Any pizzas left over are prepped and  can be par baked or cooked to completion for consumption at a later hour as the party progresses. Packages include either 4 or 5 “Classic” pie selections for you to choose and are based on guest counts. Our specialty pizzas do have a small upcharge due to ingredient costs.


Pizzas Count Service Hours Price Additional 5 Pizzas Classic Options


20 1.5 650 100$ 4


30 1.5 850 100$



40 2.0 1000 100$



45 2.0 1100 100$



60 2.5 1250 100$


100 75 2.5 1500 100$


101 plus

Consultation is required in order to assure the success of your event

Salads $3.50  p/p
Pretzels $3.00 each
S’mores (2 per order) $2.00 each
San Pellegrino Flavors & Ice Tea $2.00 each